The meaning of true creativity goes beyond the artistic mindstate.
It is a way of thinking and being, of openness and intelligence, of doing what fits best, from moment to moment.
To never stop playing, no matter what.

Artistic creativity is wonderful, but what does it amount to when both the artist and the audience are caught up in confusion and are unable to surpass their mechanical ways of thought?

Creativity should be a major concern for each and every one of us, in any situation
To create the best world possible, on all levels.

The activities of Sky++* & the AntiHype Rhizome are a push in that direction.

* Sky++

= Sky โ€œplus plusโ€; ย Skyย and more


โ‡’ hypes are temporary phenomena; our vision and perspectives are for the long-term


= non-hierarchical network / process/ organization;
> a continuously growing horizontal underground stem

โ€” see alsoย this video

the 020XX date notation

inspired by the Long Now foundation, all of our dates are prefixed with a zero, to underline the fact that there will (probably) come a year 12.020 and so on.

We are active on multiple websites

  • Nonsense filtrย is a project where noteworthy articles are shared (ecology, politics, etc.)
  • Perspectivistย is a project where articles concerning philosophy, advances in science (especially with relation to physics and biology) are shared
  • Contexting 101 ย (formerly Ontoscopy) is a website with written meditations on living