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First comic strips of many to come

The past three months I have been working hard on elevating my drawing skills and working out an efficient working ethic. I did this while creating three comic strip pages for an upcoming publication by the Pari Center (Italy), where last Summer I attended a conference in remembrance of David Bohm and David Peat, two […]

Cartoons inspired by Frans Masereel

Past Summer Mu.Zee Oostende, in the light of their Frans Masereel exhibition,  had organized a cartoon contest on Instagram. I sent in 3 entries (and a 4th one after the final deadline) but probably due to the minor exposure and the low feedback their promised prizes evaporated. Activist art and capitalism don’t mix well apparently… :) […]

Work in progress + newsletter test

Since January i have been working on new material for two upcoming comic strip projects: “Wind Sun Clouds” and “Looming Perspectives”. As i had not drawn extensively for about ten years, it takes a while before my artistic faucet runs properly again. I am running a few weeks behind schedule, but it is coming, slowly but surely… […]

Major site updates!

Aside from minor layout & content changes and added links, two new comic strip projects are in the pipeline… It is also very probable that i will make most pages multilingual soon (in English & Dutch for starters). A newsletter and enhanced RSS syndication are on their way as well :).

recent commission

Friends asked me to draw them a funny invitation card starring themselves… :) This one took some blood, sweat and tears, and the water coloring went awry, but since i hardly have any experience on that level, that is not such a surprise… I just need more practice :P

Let Charlie be Charlie

Around 2005 i aspired to be a professional cartoonist, but in the end, i realized i did not want to spend my time commenting on the daily sensations in the news. It is all too easy to shock or offend… Several times in the past i have browsed through Charlie Hebdo, and the magazine never […]