The main Bohm-Hiley proposals

  • the ontological interpretation of quantum theory

    quantum organics instead of mechanics

  • the implicate & explicate order

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  • quantum potential & active information

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  • holomovement

Despite the Bohm theory not being fully examined and understood, let alone accepted by mainstream physicists, it tends to facilitate approaching a lot of ongoing psychological, philosophical and scientific issues, such as:

  • mind vs. matter & the ‘hard problem’

    Consciousness – dual aspect monism

  • far fewer quantum mysteries

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  • new perspective on self, determinism & free will

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  • psi phenomena...?

Recommended books

Recommended papers

  • Bohm, D. “A new theory of the relation of mind and matter” (01990)
  • Hiley, B.J.“Quantum Reality unveiled through Process and the Implicate Order” (02008)
  • Pylkkänen, P. “Can Quantum Analogies Help Us to Understand the Process of Thought?” (02014)