Ontology = knowledge, categorization of what is

Observation: a organic, holistic process view of self and the world (instead of the widely adapted mechanistic, reductionist materialist view) is a far more practical and humane perspective

  • everything is process - change & movement

    the universe is but constant inward and outward movement

  • there are no fully autonomous individual entities, wholeness is primordial

    instead of reducing each system or organism to interactions of “elementary” particles

  • the world (including us) is an ensemble of organized processes, instead of "bouncing elementary building blocks"

    Could it be that on both the macroscopic and the microscopic scale everything is internally related? Meaning the nature and functioning of each entity (better: process) is inwardly affected by the context, and not simply moved about externally by mechanical forces?

We are allergic to new age nonsense, this is about serious scientific research & the development of solid (meta)physical paradigms

The precious, underestimated legacy of David Bohm

David Bohm has to be one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. Feeling greatly dissatisfied with the course physics took after the discoveries in the quantum domain, he developed an alternative interpretation of quantum physics (“the ontological interpretation”), in which it is possible to describe the processes taking place on the microscopic level, introducing new concepts that overcome the wave-particle duality and stressing the holistic aspect of the puzzling experiments.
He also sought a theory that reconciled quantum mechanics with relativity, which was accomplished, albeit very vaguely, with the concept of the “implicate and explicate order”. Later in his career, he created new perspectives on the relationship between mind and matter and spent a lot of time probing the peculiarities of consciousness.
Group dialogue also became a focal point, as a means for people to gain insights, new and deeper understanding.

Due to a number of reasons, his body of work was largely neglected and misunderstood by the mainstream and he never got the recognition he deserved.
Interestingly, his ideas are not dead and continue to inspire people in various fields, including myself.
David Bohm was not officially considered a philosopher, but his views are a treasure to explore. They touch all parts of existence, with many subtleties and complexities, but he usually explained things with maximum clarity.

Professor Emeritus Basil Hiley is furthering the Bohm legacy, mainly working out an algebraic foundation to describe the concepts of process, unfoldment, implicate order, …