Holoflux: the infinite, moving and undivided whole

Holoflux (holomovement) is the dynamic universe proposed by David Bohm in which everything moves together in an interconnected process.

Here is a quick attempt to clarify what is meant:

=Β 1) the world of (semi-)autonomous things & cognitive permanence, an abstraction of the actual, infinitely complex context;
2) a simplified map of actuality that helps us survive and thrive as a species;
3) a subset of the content of thought

=Β the processes actually taking place underneath/behind the veil of reality, independent of thought

=Β the undivided world of flow & change, the proposed actuality that precedes and includes all possible realities;
the ground of *every thing*

David Bohm next to theories as windows on holoflux / holomovement.

excerpt from comic strip “David Bohm on theory”

Most people think that there is an objective reality that tells us all there is to know or see. This is very questionable. A lot of it is make-belief, some would even call it a consensus trance!

In holoflux, every part is externally related but it is also internally related to the rest through the whole, that is the holistic nature of this perspective. It is also in line with what comes out of quantum theory and the entanglement experiments.

Movement as the ground of all being and becoming

a visual metaphor: jumping in the world of flow (“Basho’s Frog” (detail))

For those interested

Holoflux: Codex - Form/Movement/VIsion inspired by David BohmA collection of short meditations on holoflux accompanied by some of our artwork is featured in our contribution to the book Holoflux: Codex – Form/Movement/Vision inspired by David Bohm (ed. Lee Nichol, Pari Publishing, 02022, ISBN 8895604369) (available worldwide)

frog diving (photo by Martino Pietropoli, Unsplash)

Holoflux: Frequently Asked Questions

From a practical standpoint, it should be obvious that we are part of holoflux but usually, our moment-to-moment reality tells us otherwise. Thought tends to take control in every aspect of life and obscure many of the subtleties at play in life, from very trivial to very important ones.

>> A free booklet about this subject with some proposals on how to loosen the grip of thought and consensus trance reality: Entering Bohm’s Holoflux by Lee Nichol (Pari Publishing)

We will always need to have some reality (model) in thought as individuals and as societies.
The point of stressing the existence of holoflux and actually, directly experiencing *it* is to perhaps move toward a more coherent, less fragmented world perspective.
In WEIRD (Western, educated, industrialized, rich & democratic) societies, where computer, tv and mobile screens have taken over a large part of our attention, some counterbalance is called for…

Inscendence can be considered a gateway to holoflux, or at least, to get a taste of holoflux and its inherent, felt meaning;

Contexting is simply a part of holoflux within a certain scope, from very small to very large, taking into account the visible and invisible/immeasurable processes that are relevant within that scope

Generative imagination is a faculty that can be developed and trained to narrow the gap between reality and holoflux, to predict the world as it is in a more holofluxing way instead of the dualistic and fragmentary approach

Many factors are at play during this kind of activity, a lot having to do with the senses, but in our estimation yes. A lot will depend on the willingness and capacity of the participant(s) to let go of existing preconceptions and fears to engage more deeply with the holoflux dimensions of existence.