aka Sky Hoorne is

a visual artist, writer, philosopher, …

not a one-trick pony, and does not like to repeat herself.

a creative human being/becoming

a human contexting


sky hoorne



+32 (0)470 76 79 08Β 


Exhibits & events

  • Partcours Veldegem

    May 27, 02023 - May 29, 02023
    00:00 - 23:59

    3 dagen groepsexpo, van 13 tot 18u
  • Beyond Bohm 2023 - Holoflux: codex gathering

    July 22, 02023 - July 22, 02023
    18:00 - 20:00

    Zoom conference (Pari center)
  • Beyond Bohm 2023 - Becoming Holoflux: Rheosoma & Holosoma

    July 23, 02023 - July 23, 02023
    18:00 - 20:00

    Zoom conference (Pari center)


Sky Hoorne (Ostend, 01980) aka Sky++ is a multidisciplinary visual artist, writer and philosopher. Her main themes: wholeness, realness, movement, inscendence.

Sky grew up as a shy and creative kid with a wide variety of interests. In her early twenties, still stuck in a loner masculine persona, she had a first artistic burst: apart from drawing and writing she recorded a 100% DIY hip hop demo album that got some acclaim. After she obtained an MsC in Computer Science (VUBrussels) she studied Printing/Illustration at Luca School of Arts (Ghent) for a short time. Around this period, among other things, she self-published two hard poetry books and created an experimental comic strip.

In the Summer of 02004, set in motion by longterm self-observation, contemplation and a couple of extraordinary circumstances, her outlook on life shifted permanently. This in turn necessitated a long journey of integration.

The ambition to be a magazine cartoonist did not last very long. A lengthy artistic hiatus ensued due to undiagnosed, chronic physical illness. A day job in IT provided income (and still). During her thirties she eagerly studied the philosophy and (meta)physics of David Bohm in her free time and digested a lot of mind science studies and books on eastern philosophy/religion. Body work also became more prominent. Written meditations were put out infrequently. A gender shift happened. Eventually all the observation, research and pondering produced the idea of “contexting/active context”, a practical approach to Bohm’s concepts of holoflux and implicate and explicate order.
Around 02017 the physical ailments started to get dissolved and it became again possible to produce more artwork. Getting in contact with Pari Center (Italy) and some of the people affiliated also set in motion numerous projects and ideas.

In recent years Sky took up drawing, cartooning, ceramic sculpting, painting, photo collage … all in the vein of inscendence and generative imagination, two key notions that got formalized in 02021/22.
She is bound to explore new paths, building on the legacy of giants such as David Hockney, AndrΓ© Franquin, Hokusai, and many others. Her work is infused with meaning and with different ways to (re)create realities.

Sky keeps upping her imaginative and creative skills while trying to find ways to reach a wider audience.


  • 02023
    • main focus: productivity & becoming inevitable :P
  • 02022
  • 02014 - 02017
    • sporadically new artwork
    • more philosophical pondering
    • slow recovery from physical illness
  • 02006 - 02014 ::: artistic hiatus
    • trying to resolve/minimize the impact of lifelong health issues
    • lots of research in human health & nutrition
    • deep study of David Bohm, eastern religion & science/philosophy of consciousness
    • 02013: coming out as trans* / genderfluid ( info)
    • 02013: launch of Nonsense Filtr
    • 02010: start of practicing kiko/qi gong
    • 02010: birth of Perspectivist
    • 02009: birth of
  • 01998 - 02005 ::: first artistic burst
    • 02005
      multiple experiments in cartoons & comic strips
    • 02005
      second self-published book of hardpoetry & shortprose “Lobotomy blues”
    • 02004: culmination of intense periods of mindfulness, self-questioning & deep meditation
    • 02003/4: 4 months at Sint-Lucas Hogeschool Gent – Vrije Grafiek/Illustratie
    • 02003: Master in IT | Computer sciences @VUBrussels
    • 02002: internet hip hop radio show “Raw Stamina” @VUBrussels
    • 02002: hip hop demo album “Versleten bics” & some live performances
    • 02001: pivotal moment: start of delving into “The Limits of Thought: Discussions between J. Krishnamurti & David Bohm”
    • 02001: self-published dark poetry book “The Back of Beyond”
    • + occasional promo art for Crazy Copy Center
    • 01987 – 01998: 11 jaar beeldende kunst @DKO Oostende
  • 01980
    • born in Oostende, Belgium

Past events / exhibits


  • March 18 – 19
    Artelier III Gistel (group expo)


  • July 17th
    Pari Presentation on imagination for Beyond Bohm conference (Zoom)
  • June
    duo-expo Ellen Nauwynck (paintings) Sky Hoorne (ceramic sculptures) @Galerie De Sterre
  • May
    Atelier in Beeld (home expo)


  • Buren bij Kunstenaars (home expo)


  • Buren bij Kunstenaars (home expo)

Publications EN


  • contribution to “Holoflux Codex: Form/Movement/Vision (Inspired by David Bohm)”
    (ed. Lee Nichol, Pari Publishing, 02022, ISBN-10 8895604369, ISBN-13 978-8895604367)


  • ESSAY: “Contexting: a primer” (online version) (also printed in Pari Perspectives vol. 4)
  • Pari Perspectives vol. 5 & 6 (subscription only): David Bohm comic strips


  • Β Pari Perspectives vol. 2 (paid link): illustration + comic strip

02000 – 02012

  • “It’s a mess” magazine: written meditations

Publicaties NL


  • Ginter Familiefolder: Gintie de Haas #1 (strip)


  • Polderkrant: cartoon

02000 – 02012

  • Plots stripmagazine, Tiens Tiens: “Dave Devo” strips
  • De Moeial (VUB): couple of cartoons
  • Crazy Copy Center (VUB): flyers